About Oogie

As one of the biggest music acts of the late ‘60s and ‘70s, Oogie entertained and moved millions across the world with his songs of love, hope, and promise for the future.bc-about-oogie-popcorn-porthole.jpg

Then near the height of his popularity, Oogie stunned the world and left the stage, shunning the limelight and disappearing into private life. Never completely forgotten, he became a mystery, and over the decades has grown into a legend. You can learn more about Oogie here.

Now living a quiet life in the mountains of Colorado, Oogie re-emerges into the public consciousness not through song but with his other passion, food, and a line of healthy, better-for-you snacks full of flavor.

"It's another way to spread love in the world," Oogie says. "Music and food are just two different ways of reaching people, communicating with each other, sharing a commonality."


Colorado, USA

All Oogie’s Popcorn is made in Colorado, USA. In Colorado, we’re always among the healthiest states, and we take our health seriously: we’re the tops in physical activity. Our outdoor recreation opportunities and amazing weather make this the kind of “work hard, play hard” place we love to call home.

So when it comes to healthy food, we’re tops, in that, too. With our new look, we’ve taken an already healthy snack and made it even healthier. The result is top-quality snacking in amazing flavors, with some of the lowest fat and calories in the popcorn category!

Fresh, healthy, gourmet, natural… in Colorado we live by those words and if we can help you bring a little piece of Colorado to your neck of the woods, then so much the better!